[H-GEN] MacBook booting problems

Paul Gear paul at libertysys.com.au
Fri Feb 25 06:44:27 EST 2011

On 25/02/11 21:32, Gavin Duley wrote:
> ...
>> I've found rsync pretty good for backups and easier to manage than time machine
> Not sure why I hadn't though of using rsync... I'll look into setting
> it up, once my computer (this one, or in the worst case scenario, its
> replacement) is up and running.
> Also solves the query "what should I use instead of Time Machine if I
> move to Linux?" ;-)

Hi Gavin,

If you want something a bit closer to Time Machine than rsync, check out
rsnapshot and/or BackupPC.  The former is more scheduled and is a
relatively thin wrapper around rsync.  The latter wraps rsync (and other
backup methods) in a simple, easy-to-use web interface and an automated
ping-then-rsync backup method.  I use BackupPC for all my desktops,
laptops, and servers.


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