[H-GEN] Rackmount boxes at home

Stephen Thorne stephen at thorne.id.au
Fri Sep 17 22:02:38 EDT 2010

On 2010-09-17, Benjamin Fowler wrote:
> Does anybody bother with 19" racks and rackmount server cases at home?  Is
> it worth the trouble trying to track down the required hardware to save
> space?

With the power companies putting up rates all the time, I'm personally a huge
fan of using very low-power draw servers at home. This usually means mini-itx
machines in tiny cases with tinier power supplies.

While the romantic appeal of running a rack with a switch and half dozen
servers is certainly a factor, and I've seen many geeks around brisbane have
one, I don't personally see the point of having anything more than a gateway
machine that's on 24/7. Let alone 19" rack kit running server boards+hardware.

Stephen Thorne
Development Engineer
Netbox Blue

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