[H-GEN] [H-ADMIN] Hi & Humbug AGM 2010

Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Tue Sep 14 01:34:14 EDT 2010

On Sun, 12 Sep 2010, Russell Stuart wrote:

> The problem is effectively handing over control of the club and its
> assets to a council in Sydney that is elected most by people outside of

HUMBUG could consider becoming a UQ club.  This was the elephant in the 
corner for the first few years.  I was always in two minds about this 

> Brisbane.  Historically Humbug's remit is different to LA's, and some of
> the members still see it that way.  If I could see some benefit to
> Humbug outside of the administrative detail of getting insurance, it
> would be easier to justify.  So if closer ties meant more publicity, or

At one time the idea of LA covering insurance without HUMBUG becoming part 
of LA was floated.  I guess it didn't pan out.

> But currently the only benefit is insurance.  It is a huge change just
> to fix insurance.  Maybe it is necessary, but I think the Exec would be
> remiss in their duties if they didn't take the time to look at possible
> solutions before considering dissolving the club under its current
> constitution.

And indeed any such major change would require an SGM.

> Now bandwidth is ubiquitous, your grandmother could install and use
> Ubuntu, and you can chat about whatever you want on the zillions of
> internet forums out there.  So the really compelling reasons that
> brought people to Humbug have gone.

And yet other user groups do survive, mainly with regular talks.  There 
are many many LUGs,SUGs and UUGs within the greater Toronto area.  The 
total population is around twice that of Brisbane.

> open source.   And by good fortune, Humbug happens to meet where all the
> students are.

Indeed :)  It's a bit of a wonder that we don't still attract a lot of 
undergrads.  HUMBUG certainly was very well known on campus even without 
advertising.  Not sure if that is still true.

> Currently I am formulating our pitch for the Students and Universities
> alike.  I plan to present it at a talk at the next Humbug meeting at
> around 5PM.  This is just a case of me sprouting ideas, and hoping to
> get feedback on improving them.  Once this pitch has been refined, the
> next step will be to present it Uni's, in the hope that they will help
> us locate their students who are as enthusiastic about open source as we
> are.  I have already spoken to one UQ lecturer who is keen to help us.

Sounds great.



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