[H-GEN] [H-ADMIN] Hi & Humbug AGM 2010

Daniel Devine devine at ddevnet.net
Sun Sep 12 21:47:21 EDT 2010

I look forward to hearing your pitch Russell.

I think that the look and feel of HUMBUG might also have to be
modernized to make it a little more attractive to students. How to do
this I am not sure - perhaps just more young blood is needed to get
this ball rolling.

I think a stronger link between other Brisbane technology groups might
also be beneficial  -- Clinton took the first step towards this with
the formation of HUMBUG Meta. If we get a bit closer with other groups
(as in hold official events together) we could very easily start
sharing our members.
At the very least, Brisbane Hackerspace guys are very sociable,
similar to us and we could surely attract new members together. One of
the remaining things that HUMBUG has to offer is a physical community
- so lets also enhance things on that front.

--Daniel Devine

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