[H-GEN] Fwd: [Exec] Bricscad™ V10 for Linux released

James C. McPherson james.c.mcpherson at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 18:18:05 EDT 2010

On  9/09/10 04:32 AM, matheist76 at westnet.com.au wrote:
> Below is an advert for a CAD Linux program. I think they're right to
> say that it is one area in which Linux is lacking. There are some
> Linux based opensource programs but in my personal experience I found
> them to be hard to use. QCAD for example just gave me the sh*ts.
> That said the price tag on this piece of kit is $330 AUD for the base
> system. Something that you may be willing to fork out if your
> desperate to have a decent CAD program under Linux. Not saying it is
> as I'm still yet to try it out.

I disagree that CAD is an area where the open source world is
lacking. Having recently started investigating this area myself
(oh, the joys of planning renovations), there are quite a few
serious packages out that there are available and developed as
open source software.

BRL-CAD is one such example - yes, it's got a steep learning
curve, but look at what you can do with it! http://brlcad.org/gallery/main.php

I'm using Sweethome3d right now - very easy point+click interface,
3d walkthrough/rotation, written in Java and supports import of
several popular file formats so you can use a bunch of free element
designs with it too.http://www.sweethome3d.com/index.jsp

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