[H-GEN] Fwd: [Exec] Bricscad™ V10 for Linux released

Daniel Devine devine at ddevnet.net
Wed Sep 8 22:45:21 EDT 2010

Bricscad came into my feed aggregator and I compared it against a few
of the ones I knew and came to the conclusion that the hefty price tag
was probably worth it.

In a recent interview RMS said that he believed that CAD was one of
the biggest areas that Free Software was lacking.

Varicad for Linux is cheaper but it can only do 2D import/export of
DWG - depending on who you have to collaborate with this may or may
not be a problem.

I did some work with AutoCAD back in Highschool a few years ago, and I
have been thinking of getting back into CAD to help me do some
computer case scratch builds that I have envisioned (the materials are
expensive, so I want to make sure it will work first go).

--Daniel Devine

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