[H-GEN] My nomination for President

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Thu Sep 2 21:55:47 EDT 2010

First a reminder: Humbug's AGM will be held tomorrow at 6 PM at the
Hawkin Building (50) room S201.  Be there.

As I said in my last presidents report, I will be standing for president
again this year.  If you think you have the energy, or you would like to
see things change, you should stand for a position on the Executive as
well.  Even is it is president.

I am not planning to do too much new this year.  I would like to do more
with regards to promoting Humbug, but I suspect I and the rest of the
Executive will be suffering a mild case of burn-out after LCA for I will
put that on hold for now.

The one thing that will continue is the current experiment of:

1.  The current allocation of explicit roles to the Executive
    members.   As these are different to what is specified in
    constitution this will require the cooperation of the other
    the new Executive members.  I will be asking them for this,
    and making a lot of public noise if they say no.  I don't
    expect them to say no, as it worked very well this year.

2.  The insistence on reports will continue, and in fact I will
    try for formalise them more this year.  By formalise I mean
    the Executive will literally come up with a form for each 
    report.  It will be filled in and published so all the other 
    members of the Executive can read it before the commencement 
    of each Executive meeting.  That form will be their report.  The
    Executive member will of course be free to add any additional
    comments them like, but the form will ensure the report is both
    concise, yet contains all the important information the members
    need to know in order to reasonably confident their Executive
    is getting the job done.

If this all goes well again this year, I will be moving motions at next
years AGM to cement these new positions in place.

And a final reminder: please come along to the AGM and participate.
Which is to say nominate yourself for Executive positions if you feel up
to it, vote, and if you think important issues are being missed raise
them from the floor during general business.  And remember if you have
been a financial member before and are financial on the day you can
vote.  If you aren't currently financial you can become financial on the
day by paying your $20 fee prior to 5 PM.  [1]  If you have left it that
late you will of course only be financial for the 2009/2010 year, which
will end a few hours after you join.  Feel free to get you act together
and pay another $20 after the AGM is over and be an financial member for
the entire 2010/2011 year!

[1] We will not be taking membership payments after 5 PM to give the VP
(who handles membership) and the Treasurer time to finalise their
reports for the AGM.

Russell Stuart

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