[H-GEN] USB Wireless Inet under Linux.

Russell Stuart russell-humbug at stuart.id.au
Thu Sep 2 01:13:21 EDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 14:52 +1000, Carl Adams wrote:
> Unfortunately, as one might expect, this device has no Lx support

I would not expect it.  I have used a few of these USB 3G modems in my
time, and more than few phones.  I think one of the phones didn't work -
some Telstra branded thing. I have even put together a openwrt config
that automagically uses shares a 3G USB device over wireless.

As far as I know all Huawei's USB modems work.  I personally prefer to
use my Nokia phone, connected via a USB cable or blue tooth.  All
Nokia's work, and it saves carrying two devices around.  Even if you
wanted to have a separate device, a touch screen Nokia phone is less
than $200, brand new, retail, Australian (Optus) stock, outright,
including 2G Flash.  You should be able to get a suitable phone than
that a lot cheaper without trying too hard.

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