[H-GEN] Fwd: AGM date

Arjen Lentz arjen at lentz.com.au
Fri Jul 24 17:46:48 EDT 2009

Hi Matthew, all exec,

On 25/07/2009, at 7:11 AM, matheist76 at westnet.com.au wrote:
> Yep I can well appreciate that. The problem is not with us not  
> giving you enough warning, which we fully plan to do. But more with  
> pressing the issue well before any real sense of urgency is  
> required. This is what I feel Greg is doing.
> The AGM normally happens in September so there is still plenty of  
> time to go. Trust me Sandra we, the current Exec, are not going to  
> leave the AGM announcement till the last minute.
> It's also a sure thing that we won't do a Mugabe and try to hold on  
> to power by putting off the elections (Thanks Robert you had to  
> wreck our plans ;-) ).

Observing this thread, it seems to me that the energy expenditure in  
listresponses on this topic far outweighs the effort required to just  
get an AGM date organised. Perhaps attention could be directed towards  
that, thereby negating the need for people to keep asking and also  
removing the need for you to come up with fancy language and bogus  
(aka "funny") analogies.

If, as in some orgs, 6 weeks notice is required, then the prospective  
date of Sep 5th is already no longer feasible. If it's 4 weeks notice,  
then please get your collective exec into gear and make it happen - I  
presume you'll need some venue confirmation, which requires  
communication and response from third parties... by the time you get  
that done, you'll be cutting it fine.

Since James' home internet connectivity in Canberra sucks and he's  
generally busy as well as off the map during work hours, perhaps it  
would most effective if an exec member other than the president  
arranged for a date with venue, gave James a quick call on his mobile  
to confirm, and announced the AGM.

And yes, I might even be inclined to show up, pay membership fee, and  
partake in the discussion and election voting.
I have opinions, and feel that exercising a vote is important.


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