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matheist76 at westnet.com.au wrote:
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> Yep I can well appreciate that. The problem is not with us not giving
> you enough warning, which we fully plan to do. But more with pressing
> the issue well before any real sense of urgency is required. This is
> what I feel Greg is doing.

It is normal, and quite appropriate, and, iirc required under our
rules of association that we have an annual general meeting. It is
also common practice in the organisations that I am involved with
that at least 6 weeks notice of an AGM is provided.
> The AGM normally happens in September so there is still plenty of
> time to go. Trust me Sandra we, the current Exec, are not going to
> leave the AGM announcement till the last minute.

Several people have commented to me that this is what seems to be
happening, and it is not desirable to do so.

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