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Sandra Mansell sandra at mansell.id.au
Fri Jul 24 16:44:42 EDT 2009

matheist76 at westnet.com.au wrote:
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> Hi Greg,
>         why the rush on the AGM meeting date. The last AGM was held on the 20th of September last year and was announced on the 23rd of August by our esteemed ex president Clinton Roy (See bellow for a copy of that email). 

Some of us need a decent amount of warning to be able to make it to the 
meeting. It's no small feat leaving 3 young children with my husband for 
a few hours to make the trek to UQ and back, and I'd also like the 
opportunity to plan to get to a meeting to give somebody my membership 
fees before the AGM too which if it's only announced a month before it 
happens doesn't leave much time.

sandra at mansell.id.au
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