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Hi Greg,
        why the rush on the AGM meeting date. The last AGM was held on the 20th of September last year and was announced on the 23rd of August by our esteemed ex president Clinton Roy (See bellow for a copy of that email). 

I am sure that we will get back to you way before we need to hold the election. James has already suggested an AGM meeting date for the 5th of September. Now while that isn't set in stone it should indicate that rather then leave planning the AGM till the last minute we are thinking about it.

Thanks Matthew Franklin (Librarian)

***************************Copy of Clinton's Email ************************************************************
Humbug's Annual General Meeting will be held on the Saturday 20th of
September during that days meeting. The AGM will start at five pm,
with an intended finish of six.

We need at least 15 members to form quorum, so please make a special
effort to attend this meeting. Please note that you have to have been
a member for three months to be a voting member.

Standard floor rules apply, each agenda item may be presented and
rebutted once per person, then a vote can take place.

Any agenda items members wish to raise at the AGM should be raised on
humbug-general before the AGM.

Current agenda items:
 * Current officer reports.
 * Elections
 * Talks maintainer position

Please consider running for an executive position, humbug works best
with a mixture of old fart knowledge and young energy.

Clinton Roy
CSIRO - Robotics Platform Engineer
Autonomous Systems Lab

humbug.org.au - Brisbane Unix Group
azure.humbug.org.au/~croy/blog - Blog

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On 2009-06-30, Greg Black wrote:

> As the month for the Humbug AGM is fast approaching, could the
> President announce which of the September meeting dates it will
> be?

I'm still waiting on an answer to this rather important question
and I'm pretty sure plenty of other members would also like to
know.  Could we please have an answer?

Cheers, Greg
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