[H-GEN] SpamAssassin vs DSPAM

Adrian Sutton adrian at symphonious.net
Tue Dec 13 20:34:43 EST 2005

> SpamAssassin is annoyingly slow, and soaks up too much of my ram.  I
> have heard good things about DSPAM, and I am considering changing over
> to it.  Does anybody have any good or bad experiences with either they
> would like to share?

I've recently switched from SpamAssassin to DSPAM for no real reason  
other than DSPAM was available on the upstream server and spam  
assassin on my local IMAP server wasn't available while I was  
moving.  DSPAM is all but useless until you feed it about 2400 non- 
spam messages as it is very conservative until it's learnt what your  
real email looks like.  After hitting that mark, I immediately saw an  
improvement and now it seems to have spam under control about as well  
as SpamAssassin did.

I can't really see a big difference between either of them to be  
honest.  DSPAM provides a web based interface for reviewing the spam  
it's caught which I'm starting to appreciate but you can get it to  
just tag messages and filter them with procmail or whatever else  
you'd like.

As I understand it DSPAM is much lighter on resource requirements  
than SpamAssassin but I couldn't say for sure since I'm running them  
on very different boxes - both of which are seriously underpowered  
and with very limited RAM but only serving my personal email needs.


Adrian Sutton.

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