[H-GEN] SpamAssassin vs DSPAM

David Seikel onefang at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 20:08:25 EST 2005

SpamAssassin is annoyingly slow, and soaks up too much of my ram.  I
have heard good things about DSPAM, and I am considering changing over
to it.  Does anybody have any good or bad experiences with either they
would like to share?

I keep my email separated out into several piles - real email, spam
holding, spam, and spam training.  Spam holding is where anti spam
filters deliver things they think are spam.  I go through this manually
looking for falsely identified spam to put into the real email pile,
then move the rest into the spam pile.  Any spam that is not identified
by spam filters obviously go to the real mail pile, when I find them I
move them to the spam training pile.  I have been waiting for the spam
training pile to grow to over 1000 emails before I will throw them at
SpamAssassin for training.  Whatever spam filter I change to, this
procedure will remain.  At the point where I do the training, I will
probably create a spam trained pile to move the training spam to.

This means that I have spam corpus vs non-spam corpus that I can use
for training purposes to quickly get a statistical filter up to
scratch, and for testing purposes.  So, while I await the gathered
wisdom of HUMBUGers, I will test out DSPAM and see how it compares to
SpamAssassin in speed, memory usage, and accuracy.
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