[H-GEN] assistance needed with company gateway machine

Johann Kwiatkowski johann at spot-the-dog.com
Tue Dec 6 22:30:58 EST 2005

Hi All,
	I do the odd linux server gateway installation for a friend of mine,  
but I have come across a job that is way beyond my experience and  
deals with iptables (well at the moment, but would probably turn into  
further work). If anyone one is interested or indeed does linux  
support (I'm sure some of you do) please email me and I'll send the  
details (probably to just one person to start with). The machine in  
question runs the e-smith distribution, and assistance is required as  
soon as practical,



Johann Kwiatkowski
Spot The Dog Graphics P/L
ph: 0418 797 419
email: johann at spot-the-dog.com
web: www.spot-the-dog.com

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