[H-GEN] Anybody interested in stickers?

Robert Brockway robert at timetraveller.org
Mon May 31 22:51:57 EDT 2004

On Tue, 1 Jun 2004, Harry Phillips wrote:

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> I recently saw a post about TUX stickers that you can buy from Canada. I
> checked it out and it was something like US$3 each plus the posting and
> handling.
> I found a web site and got a quote for the same thing. They are priced
> at $383.90 for 500, (that's ~77c each) or $427.90 for 1000 (that's ~43c
> each).

May I suggest you contact the other Aussie LUGs.  When a certain gentleman
from SA did this with a run of Tux PC case badges the price kept dropping
through the floor - he'd get extra orders which would trigger a bulk price
drop.  Everyone would see the new price and increase their order, causing
another price drop, etc.  This happened 3 or 4 times iirc.

When contacting the other LUGs it is worth saying up front that the
venture is non-commercial and done in the interests of advocating
Linux/OSS (which it clearly is).

> Is anyone interested? I would be giving them away for free. They would

No one would blame you for covering costs.  I do recommend money up front
if you go down this path.  HUMBUG learnt this the hard way :)

> be a square 100mm x 100mm in full colour on white Vinyl with UV proof
> inks. You could stick them on your car, on the side of your PC, on your
> child's school bag etc.

I'm certainly interested.  I would provide a local postal address and
would pick them up when I'm back in Aus in September.  I'd go for at least
$30 worth.  I'd honestly rather pay for the cost of materials than know
you are footing the bill.

> All I would ask in return is some digital photo's of where you have
> deployed them :)

You can have those too :)

> Would you like to see something written underneath or above Tux? or
> both? What would you like there?

Tux is still not as recognised as the name Linux so I'd like to see it
written.  Also, something more OSS or universal in the spirit of HUMBUG
might be nice.  How about Tux hugging the BSDaemon ;)


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