[H-GEN] Anybody interested in stickers?

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Mon May 31 23:34:00 EDT 2004

Robert Brockway wrote:
>>I recently saw a post about TUX stickers that you can buy from Canada. I
>>checked it out and it was something like US$3 each plus the posting and

I was finally able to find that web site again, it was worse than I 
stated. It is actually CAD$7 for one or $14 for three, postage and 
handling included.

No discounts.

>>I found a web site and got a quote for the same thing. They are priced
>>at $383.90 for 500, (that's ~77c each) or $427.90 for 1000 (that's ~43c
> May I suggest you contact the other Aussie LUGs.  When a certain gentleman
> from SA did this with a run of Tux PC case badges the price kept dropping
> through the floor - he'd get extra orders which would trigger a bulk price
> drop.  Everyone would see the new price and increase their order, causing
> another price drop, etc.  This happened 3 or 4 times iirc.
> When contacting the other LUGs it is worth saying up front that the
> venture is non-commercial and done in the interests of advocating
> Linux/OSS (which it clearly is).

Good idea.

>>Is anyone interested? I would be giving them away for free. They would
> No one would blame you for covering costs.  I do recommend money up front
> if you go down this path.  HUMBUG learnt this the hard way :)

I might do that, if people were willing to donate to the HUMBUG coffers 
they would get priority dibs. Is HUMBUG registered? Could the donation 
be claimed as a tax deduction?

>>be a square 100mm x 100mm in full colour on white Vinyl with UV proof
>>inks. You could stick them on your car, on the side of your PC, on your
>>child's school bag etc.
> I'm certainly interested.  I would provide a local postal address and
> would pick them up when I'm back in Aus in September.  I'd go for at least
> $30 worth.  I'd honestly rather pay for the cost of materials than know
> you are footing the bill.

Is it in Brisbane? I would be willing to drop them off while you are 
here, save you on the postage.

>>All I would ask in return is some digital photo's of where you have
>>deployed them :)
> You can have those too :)

Cool, my gallery page has gone haywire and I plan on trying out another 
one. One section would be to these photos.

>>Would you like to see something written underneath or above Tux? or
>>both? What would you like there?
> Tux is still not as recognised as the name Linux so I'd like to see it
> written.

My business is "TUX Computing" and I have him embroided on my work 
shirts. You would be surprised at the different people that have 
recognised it. I have been asked by a newsagent, a NightOwl guy, a 
saleswoman in Mathers shoes and a 14 year old in a game shop.

> Also, something more OSS or universal in the spirit of HUMBUG
> might be nice.

That would be ideal but you have to concede that Linux and Tux are the 
most recognised.

I asked about the writing top or bottom to see if someone could come up 
with something. I did think of one thing, at the top have "The future is 
free" and at the bottom "Linux".

>  How about Tux hugging the BSDaemon ;)

Have you got or know of a picture already? Is the res good enough to be 
blown up to 10cm x 10 cm? Is someone willing to do the artwork? If we 
could incorporate the BSD dude we could have at the bottom "Open Source" 

Harry Phillips

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