[H-GEN] PXE capable network cards

Scott Burns sburns at ihug.com.au
Fri May 28 06:09:02 EDT 2004


    does anyone know of or work for a company that sells PXE capable 
network cards that do not require BIOS support to boot?  Brisbane in 
general and northside/Lutwyche a definite bonus.

    I did have a D-Link, not sure of the model but it used the sundance 
module, that worked perfectly.  Unfortunately, one of the directors at 
my company  borrowed it to do a network install on a new server.  When 
he couldnt get the onboard giga network adapter to work he just left my 
card in the box and shipped it to Canberra.  Insert fruity language here...

    I snagged a spare intel ee pro 100 which does have PXE boot support 
but requires BIOS support to enable it.  This wipes out some of the 
older machines we have at work, one of which I need to boot via PXE to 
sort out a customer running on similar hardware.

    I bought one from Everything Linux, a D-Link DFE-530, with a 
seperate boot rom.  They shipped me a revision 2 chip (42mm x 12mm, two 
rows of 16 pins) and a revision 3 card (socket for boot rom 14mm x 12mm, 
taking 9 pins on two sides and 7 pins on the other two).  ELX and D-Link 
have spent the last week pointing the finger at each other, and neither 
really wanted to talk to me.  After the swearing and yelling I got last 
time I rang ELX I just want to return the damn thing and get a refund.

    So, if there are any retailers out there interested in an easy sale, 
or people who'd like to recommend a local shop, I'd be interested in 
hearing from you.


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