[H-GEN] PXE capable network cards

Jason Parker-Burlingham jasonp at panix.com
Fri May 28 08:55:23 EDT 2004

Scott Burns <sburns at ihug.com.au> writes:

>     does anyone know of or work for a company that sells PXE capable
> network cards that do not require BIOS support to boot?  Brisbane in
> general and northside/Lutwyche a definite bonus.

I don't know about availability in Brisbane, but I'm using an Intel
Pro/1000 MT adapter.  I think it may not require BIOS support because
it's in a pretty old machine; the BIOS doesn't mention anything about
booting from a network.

But, geez! PXE is a pain in the ass to set up.  The whole thing seems
far too complex.  That's PCs for you though, I suppose.

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