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David de Groot david-humbug at viking.org.au
Fri May 28 03:07:50 EDT 2004

On 28/05/2004, at 3:42 PM, Paul Gearon wrote:

> OTOH, with the preponderance of HTML that I'm starting to receive 
> (some of which I actually want to read), the renowned effectiveness of 
> Bayesian filters (I've since discovered that these things are great), 
> and a client that actually supports IMAP (many don't), I decided to 
> try Mozilla mail.  It imported my address book perfectly, and I 
> haven't looked back.
> So it annoys me with some mailing lists.  It still has more features 
> for me than its competitors.  It's also less effort for me to change 
> the mailing lists than it is to change my software.  ;-)

I agree whole-heartedly. From my perspective, mutt just doesn't cut it.

I don't want an archane email client that I need to run from a terminal 
when I have a nice shiny MacOSX Mail client on my laptop. Reading mail 
should not be an exercise in remembering often non-intuitive commands.

I do however have the option of using procmail to counter the 
deficiency in non-Reply-To setting mailing lists (and do).

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