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Paul Gearon pag at tucanatech.com
Fri May 28 01:42:08 EDT 2004

Anthony Towns wrote:
>>It's great that you and others have mail clients that support this feature. 
>>A lot of peoples' clients don't.  
> So what's stopping y'all from getting clients that work right? It's
> not like mutt's expensive,

I've tried to use mutt about 5 times here at work.  On each occasion it 
couldn't handle the fact that my home directory was on an NFS mount.  I asked, 
but was told that while a patch could make it work, it was best to just wait 
until it was fixed.  I eventually gave up.  (you shouldn't have to fight 
software this hard)

> or that there aren't other free mailers you
> could use. I was under the impression that evolution held up fairly well
> these days.

I heard a few good things about Evolution in an interview with Miguel a few 
years ago, and I've been keen to try it ever since.

The first time I tried it, I had a go at importing a Pine mailbox.  That 
crashed Evolution, and left a config file somewhere that I *could*not* find 
that refused to let it run again.

Tried again with the next release... tried the addressbook import again... 
again it died.

Tried a third time last year.  Same result.

May be I could make it run without the addressbook, but there were just way 
too many in there for me to give it up.  Possibly a little effort with some 
Perl would have fixed it, but I wasn't THAT desperate to get it running.

OTOH, with the preponderance of HTML that I'm starting to receive (some of 
which I actually want to read), the renowned effectiveness of Bayesian filters 
(I've since discovered that these things are great), and a client that 
actually supports IMAP (many don't), I decided to try Mozilla mail.  It 
imported my address book perfectly, and I haven't looked back.

So it annoys me with some mailing lists.  It still has more features for me 
than its competitors.  It's also less effort for me to change the mailing 
lists than it is to change my software.  ;-)

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