[H-GEN] Multi-thread downloads

Harry Phillips harry at tux.com.au
Thu May 27 06:58:51 EDT 2004

David Jericho wrote:
>> I don't run a public web/ftp server so I am curious, how many of those 
>> of you that do max out your bandwidth?
> What are you defining as bandwidth of a delivered service? The raw bits 
> per second rate, the packets per second rate, or the ability of a server 
> to deliver, or the monetary cost of consuming bandwidth?
> Or hopefully, the combination of all four. And yes, I have in the past.   

I meant the speed at which the server can deliver data to the user, if 
they are using a dial-up modem it is only about 33k, if they use an 256 
ADSL plan they can deliver 64k, etc

>> Is it a case of buying as much bandwidth as possible so that it 
>> doesn't max out?
> Are _you_ going to pay for it? You attempt to bite Sarah's head off for 
> suggesting that you pay for your own bandwidth

I really want ADSL but can't at the moment.

> yet you refuse to 
> acknowledge that your habits cost other people money.  I know of mirror
> admins who reach for the pickaxe everytime they see a leech come along 
> with their parallel downloader.
> And the answer is no.
> I try to maximise my service to as many people as I can, within realms 
> of usable. You come along and attempt to rape as many of my resources as 
> possible without concern for other people. You can argue that it's only 
> you doing it, but if every user did it we'd be back at square one. And 
> there'd be a hell of a lot more packet headers flying around.
> To paraphrase Fight Club, "You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. 
> You are a set of numbers in my IP stack the same as everything else."

I don't know what to say to all that except if it bothers you so much then:
1. Do something about it, or
2. Close down your servers, or
3. Accept the situation.

I am on dial-up at the moment so whether I use 15 threads or 1 I still 
only get 4-5k/s. So I only bother with 1, multi-threading would only be 
an advantage in an environment like the one we have at the HUMBUG meetings.

Harry Phillips

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