[H-GEN] Multi-thread downloads

David Jericho davidj at tucanatech.com
Thu May 27 03:58:30 EDT 2004

Harry Phillips wrote:

> I don't run a public web/ftp server so I am curious, how many of those 
> of you that do max out your bandwidth?

What are you defining as bandwidth of a delivered service? The raw bits 
per second rate, the packets per second rate, or the ability of a server 
to deliver, or the monetary cost of consuming bandwidth?

Or hopefully, the combination of all four. And yes, I have in the past.	

> Is it a case of buying as much bandwidth as possible so that it doesn't 
> max out?

Are _you_ going to pay for it? You attempt to bite Sarah's head off for 
suggesting that you pay for your own bandwidth yet you refuse to 
acknowledge that your habits cost other people money. I know of mirror 
admins who reach for the pickaxe everytime they see a leech come along 
with their parallel downloader.

And the answer is no.

I try to maximise my service to as many people as I can, within realms 
of usable. You come along and attempt to rape as many of my resources as 
possible without concern for other people. You can argue that it's only 
you doing it, but if every user did it we'd be back at square one. And 
there'd be a hell of a lot more packet headers flying around.

To paraphrase Fight Club, "You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. 
You are a set of numbers in my IP stack the same as everything else."

David Jericho
Who just reread Netheads verus Bellheads

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