[H-GEN] web based email systems

Sarah Walters s.walters at its.uq.edu.au
Sun May 16 19:00:10 EDT 2004

I'd like to add an extra vote for Squirrelmail.

R&J Stuart wrote:
> I'm interested in hearing what people use for web based email.  Some 
> examples I have come across are:
> - openwebmail
Haven't tried this.

> - Horde Imp
I tried this one, more trouble than it's worth to set up IMHO.

> - Squirrelmail
Running this one at home, and am very happy with it.

> - prefer IMAP as the mail repositry
I'm running with a cyrus-imap back end. May I strongly recommend this 
over other systems. The database system is robust - I have been able to 
rebuild the mailbox after a power outage caused loss of the index file. 
It's fast, and it doesn't have the locking issues that mbox does. It is 
practically a black box, though you can poke around if you wish. It also 
has a basic filtering system built in, though I don't know if 
Squirrelmail has an interface to it.

My total system is:

sendmail, with the MIMEDefang milter installed (which calls SpamAssassin 
and a virus checker)
cyrus-imap, with the filtering system enabled. I have installed a filter 
here that takes anything marked as SPAM by sendmail and puts it in the 
SPAM sub-folder of my Inbox.

Cyrus uses it's own authentication system by default, which is kind of 
"kerberosy", but you can (and I did) configure it to authenticate via 
PAM. I'm thinking of splitting it up again, though, so I can give out 
webmail accounts without creating shell accounts.

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