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Sarah Hollings sarah at humanfactors.uq.edu.au
Sun May 16 21:25:21 EDT 2004

R&J Stuart wrote:
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> Hi all,
> I'm interested in hearing what people use for web based email.  Some 
> examples I have come across are:
> - openwebmail
> - Horde Imp
> - Squirrelmail

I'm suspicious of PHP based systems for the number of exploits I see 
come across the various mailing lists I'm on - usually for failure to 
check user input in various ways.

I've managed to hive off mail admin now to another department (I'm doing 
more development here now than sysadmin) but was very happy with 
SqWebmail for the 2 years I ran it.

Dont confuse it with SquirrelMail - two very different things. 
SqWebmail is relatively simple, very very fast ( a monolithic C++ binary 
on the server ) and integrated well with the rest of the Courier-IMAP 
packages ( its a courier project item ).  It comes with spell check 
(which is nice for webmail) as well as the other things you want.

I leave virus/spam handling to the MTA.

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