[H-GEN] motherboard jumpers (pinout)

Sandra Mansell fakungabubu at internode.on.net
Fri May 14 19:48:30 EDT 2004

[replying to list in case anyone else is interested in the answers]

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 01:38:41PM +1000, David Munn wrote:
> I have aquired a IBM FRU 09N5392 Pro263 M/B  200-05-18 ....my search of the 
> web tells me it was used in the APTIVA 2199 series comps....
> it has a AMD KD6 500mhz cpu ..sis 530 graphics chip...ESS 1938S soundchip 
> ...sis 5595 and sis 6801 chips as well...AWARD 1998 PCI/PNP 586 bios....
> I want to use it with a standard ATX case and P/S.....however the following 
> plugs have got me stumped......

We have an old dead aptiva lying around here.... k6-2-233.... the cpu is
fried and we think the motherboard didn't cope too well. Anyway, you
can't use a regular atx power supply with it. (The case says model EQ1
if that helps at all.)

If you wish you can come and take the power supply/case. It's just
taking up space and I'm not sure why we even still have it hanging
around (probably lack of space in our wheelie bin).... If it fits,
you're welcome to it. It's a VERY large and heavy case though.

On another note, I've seen dell power supplies for sale at the Sunday
Computer Market ( http://www.sundaycomputermarket.com.au/ ) and I can't
recall if I saw any aptiva cases/psus.... The main 2nd hand supplier I
get stuff from is BuyEquip ( http://www.buyequip.net/ ). Their stuff is
good quality, they have a nice range and I've yet to encounter problems
with anything I've bought from them.

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