[H-GEN] Mail rejected due to bare linefeeds

Stuart Longland stuartl at longlandclan.hopto.org
Thu Aug 12 20:59:03 EDT 2004

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Greg Black wrote:
> On 2004-08-12, Stuart Longland wrote:
>>Greg Black wrote:
>>| However, whatever the problem, you can be sure that qmail won't
>>| send bare linefeeds unless you've patched it to do that.
> Could you *please* not invent your own method of quoting in
> email?  The convention is to use '>' with optional white space
> after it.  While other symbols "work" (FSVO "work"), they drive
> people mad, and sometimes cause them to simply ignore email if
> it doesn't stick to conventions.

Sorry, this is a "feature" of Enigmail.  I think there's an issue using
'>' on the first line alongside PGP, and hence the system changes it to
a '|'.  This has been brought up on the enigmail list a number of times.

I'll have to tinker and see if I can nail the line that does it.
There's a couple of other substitutions it does too, all to keep the
email complient with the OpenPGP standard.  I'd use PGP/Mime, but not
all clients can handle it.

>>At least I don't think it's patched that way.  I've looked at the Gentoo
>>ebuild, but there's no mention of such a patch.  Numerous security fixes
>>here and there, but nothing mentioning linefeeds.  I think my
>>installation is very much clean.
> "Numerous security fixes"?  I'm aware of one security bug in
> qmail.  I'd be interested to know what the numerous ones are
> about.  Care to enlighten me?

Okay, I'm not sure which ones are what, but Gentoo throw in a truckload
of packages.  Looking at the hints they've got in the ebuild, it seems a
lot of them are probably feature additions, rather than fixes:

- From the ebuild:

SMTP AUTH (2 way), Qregex and STARTTLS support
* qregex-starttls-2way-auth.patch

Fixes a problem when utilizing "morercpthosts"
* smtp-auth-close3.patch

patch so an alternate queue processor can be used
i.e. - qmail-scanner
* qmailqueue-patch

a patch for faster queue processing
* big-todo.103.patch

Support for remote hosts that have QMTP
* qmail-1.03-qmtpc.patch

Large TCP DNS replies confuse it sometimes
* qmail-103.patch

Fix for tabs in .qmail bug noted at
gentoo bug #24293
* qmail-local-tabs.patch

Account for Linux filesystems lack of a synchronus link()
* qmail-link-sync.patch

Increase limits for large mail systems
* big-concurrency.patch

Treat as a local address
* qmail-

Let the system decide how to define errno
* errno.patch

make the qmail 'sendmail' binary behave like sendmail's for -f
* sendmail-flagf.patch

Apply patch to make qmail-local and qmail-pop3d compatible with the
maildir++ quota system that is used by vpopmail and courier-imap
* qmail-maildir++.patch

Apply patch for local timestamps.
This will make the emails headers be written in localtime rather than
GMT.  If you really want, uncomment it yourself, as mail really should
be in GMT
* qmail-date-localtime.patch.txt

Apply patch to trim large bouncing messages down greatly reduces traffic
when multiple bounces occur (As in with spam)
* qmail-limit-bounce-size.patch.txt

Apply patch to add ESMTP SIZE support to qmail-smtpd
This helps your server to be able to reject excessively large messages
"up front", rather than waiting the whole message to arrive and then
bouncing it because it exceeded your databytes setting
* qmail-smtpd-esmtp-size-gentoo.patch

Reject some bad relaying attempts
gentoo bug #18064
* qmail-smtpd-relay-reject.gentoo.patch

provide badrcptto support
as per bug #17283
patch re-diffed from original at
* qmail-gentoo-1.03-r12-badrcptto-morebadrcptto-accdias.diff.bz2

Enable stderr logging from checkpassword programs
* qmail-popupnofd2close.patch

Allow qmail to re-read concurrency limits on HUP
* qmail-1.03-reread-concurrency.2.patch

Add support for CAPA in POP3d
* 08-capa.diff

As I mentioned, there's a truckload there.  None of them look like they
mess with the linefeed issues that I've been having.  As I say, I'm also
able to send between this account and my Yahoo account without any
hassles, so I'm confused as to why I'm having so much grief -- the only
difference in the addresses is one is in the yahoo.com domain, mine is
in the yahoo.com.au domain, but AFAIK the same servers look after both.

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