[H-GEN] Mail rejected due to bare linefeeds

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Thu Aug 12 05:13:38 EDT 2004

On 2004-08-12, Stuart Longland wrote:
> Greg Black wrote:

> | However, whatever the problem, you can be sure that qmail won't
> | send bare linefeeds unless you've patched it to do that.

Could you *please* not invent your own method of quoting in
email?  The convention is to use '>' with optional white space
after it.  While other symbols "work" (FSVO "work"), they drive
people mad, and sometimes cause them to simply ignore email if
it doesn't stick to conventions.

> At least I don't think it's patched that way.  I've looked at the Gentoo
> ebuild, but there's no mention of such a patch.  Numerous security fixes
> here and there, but nothing mentioning linefeeds.  I think my
> installation is very much clean.

"Numerous security fixes"?  I'm aware of one security bug in
qmail.  I'd be interested to know what the numerous ones are
about.  Care to enlighten me?

Cheers, Greg

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