[H-GEN] Mail rejected due to bare linefeeds

Stuart Longland stuartl at longlandclan.hopto.org
Thu Aug 12 05:05:16 EDT 2004

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Greg Black wrote:
| On 2004-08-10, Stuart Longland wrote:
|>	Lately, I've noticed a number of people have been getting problems
|>receiving any of my emails, and looking in the logs, I'm seeing a lot of
|>messages like the following:
|>I'm using QMail as the SMTP server
| [...]
| The message above doesn't mean anything.  It's just a software
| error message and we all know they have nothing much to do with
| reality.

Hrmm, servers which send messages that are straight plain wrong.  That
is, umm, helpful.

| What you need to do is a bit of observation.  Run tcpdump and
| see what's happening on the wire.  Network delays and timeouts
| can have weird effects, and they can occur anywhere along the
| path between the two SMTP hosts.

I managed to get a dump of what happens when I send to my yahoo address
(sjlongland(a)yahoo*com*au -- anti-spam measure: replace (a) and * with
appropriate symbols).  Oddly enough, I can send back and forth between
this address and my Yahoo one without any hassles whatsoever.

| However, whatever the problem, you can be sure that qmail won't
| send bare linefeeds unless you've patched it to do that.

At least I don't think it's patched that way.  I've looked at the Gentoo
ebuild, but there's no mention of such a patch.  Numerous security fixes
here and there, but nothing mentioning linefeeds.  I think my
installation is very much clean.

I'm currently going to see if I can register a couple of email addresses
on the offending servers and do some more trials, but in the meantime, I
think I'll also start harrassing the relevant helpdesks.

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