[H-GEN] Mail rejected due to bare linefeeds

Greg Black gjb at gbch.net
Mon Aug 9 20:06:25 EDT 2004

On 2004-08-10, Stuart Longland wrote:

> 	Lately, I've noticed a number of people have been getting problems
> receiving any of my emails, and looking in the logs, I'm seeing a lot of
> messages like the following:
> | @4000000041177e393b84714c delivery 807: deferral:
> (XXXX at yahoo.com)_67.28.113.10_failed_after_I_sent_the_message./Remote_host_said:_451_Timeout_waiting
> | _for_end_of_DATA._Be_sure_your_client_is_not_sending_bare_linefeeds./
> I'm using QMail as the SMTP server

If you're using qmail, then you know that it doesn't send bare
linefeeds.  See http://cr.yp.to/docs/smtplf.html for Bernstein's
views on this.

The message above doesn't mean anything.  It's just a software
error message and we all know they have nothing much to do with

What you need to do is a bit of observation.  Run tcpdump and
see what's happening on the wire.  Network delays and timeouts
can have weird effects, and they can occur anywhere along the
path between the two SMTP hosts.

However, whatever the problem, you can be sure that qmail won't
send bare linefeeds unless you've patched it to do that.

Cheers, Greg

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