[H-GEN] who to contact?

Robert Stanford rob at rotapile.com
Thu Aug 5 04:42:36 EDT 2004

Greg Black wrote:
> I would report all the facts to my customer in writing, pretty
> much as you have done, but with clear descriptions of the issues
> and their potential impact on the customer.

I rang them, they told me not to upload, so I just set up my own secure 
server for the vendor to download the file from.

> And, if this was me, I'd point out that certain decisions would
> be so wrong in my opinion that I would not be able to continue
> to look after them if they made those decisions.

Thats why they pay me to make decisions. I left the final call up to a 
friendly director who also happens to be a solicitor. I gave her 
options, she took the smart one, just as I knew she would. Communication 
is important.

> As for reporting the offending company, I'd give that a big
> miss.  It has too many avenues that lead to tears and too few
> benefits to be worth pursuing.  On the other hand, if your
> customer wants to beat the vendor over the head, let them go and
> do it.

You still havent answered my question :)

    Robert Stanford

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