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David Jericho david.jericho at bytecomm.com.au
Thu May 30 23:30:04 EDT 2002

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On Fri, 2002-05-31 at 13:10, James C. McPherson wrote:
> I think it's more that you'd prefer to keep control over what gets put where
> on your system. Personal preference -- if you like to have things done for you
> then use update-rc.d, but if you're actually interested in what you have 
> installed, clues+ln are your friend ;|


I like saying "Pfft".

I know how the SYSV stuff works, and I still choose to use RedHat's

In my mind, saying 
	/sbin/chkconfig --level 2345 myprogram on

is far simplier than 

cd /etc/rc2.d
ln -s ../init.d/myprogram S<insert guessed starting position>myprogram
cd ..; cd rc3.d
ln -s ../init.d/myprogram S<insert guessed starting position>myprogram
cd ..; cd rc4.d
ln -s ../init.d/myprogram S<insert guessed starting position>myprogram
cd ..; cd rc5.d
ln -s ../init.d/myprogram S<insert guessed starting position>myprogram

For one, my pretty dumb admin tool is a lot less prone to fat finger
problems than a series of commands that are easily scriptable.

In anycase, I see Unix as having powerful scripting ability, and the
addition and removal of services at boottime is an easily scriptable
task. You're a fool if you don't use the ability.

David Jericho

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