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Tony Nugent tony at linuxworks.com.au
Fri May 31 19:15:23 EDT 2002

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On Fri May 31 2002 at 17:53, "Rick Phillips" wrote:

> Tony, I have three Windows boxes running VNCserver which I contact via the
> Internet using VNC Client on either Windows or Linux boxes and one Linux box
> running VNCserver (TightVNC) on my internal network.  I use the latter
> because I can use X (which I find fine to use - I'm not a purist) and it
> would be handy to be able to use a browser at times.
> I have tried http://???.???.???.???:5801 using my browser on all of these
> servers and it does not work.  The port is probably incorrect.

The URL should be in this format:

where that is the IP address of the (windows or linux) box running
the VNC server.  (In some browsers, not all, the trailing `/' seems
to be important for it to work, weird).  It will present you with a
menu that allows you to set some options and to login with a

You can use _any_ Java-capable web browser as the local client.  How
it works is that when you connect to port 5800, a java client is
downloaded and run within the web browser.  All conversations then
occur via port 5900.  When you connect to a windoze box, you get the
running session up in a window on your desktop and you have (joint)
control over the box (another user on the remote box sees exactly
what you are doing, both have keyboard and mouse control).  With
linux, you get a new "virtual" login X session (not a currently
running desktop session which a local user might be using).

If you use vncviewer (or vncviewer.exe in windoze), the java client
is not needed and startup is a little faster.  There appears to be
little noticable difference after this using either a browser or
vncviewer as the client.

VNC works slowly but is (suprisingly!) effective enough over a low
bandwidth modem/isdn link -- especially if the remote windoze
desktop is 800x600 or smaller and it does not have any heavy
background graphics.  On an ethernet or broadband link it is very
smooth and responsive (even at higher res and with heavy graphics).

If you need a quick and easy way to have remove network control over
a windows box, then this is a very cool tool for doing it.

BTW, the F8 key brings up a menu with some options, including the
ability to paste to and from the remote clipboard, and to send a
Ctrl-Alt-Del to the other end (essential for login onto remote NT
and w2k/xp boxes:)  Unfortunately, the c-a-del task window is not
seen on a remote vnc session, but you can easily do a reboot with

Also btw, beware of the security implications of having the vnc
server running... it should never be openly exposed to the internet
as it will allow anyone to connect to it, granting full access via a
single password logon.  I only run it on windows boxes that are
behind firewalls, and I access them through IP tunnels setup between
the firewall and my box at home (and other "trusted places").

  Tony Nugent <Tony at linuxworks.com.au>
  LinuxWorks - Gold Coast Qld Australia

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