[H-GEN] remote display of programs

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Fri May 31 18:11:58 EDT 2002

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> I have tried http://???.???.???.???:5801 using my browser on all of these
> servers and it does not work.  The port is probably incorrect.

Check the VNC config, I believe it can be disabled and probably is disabled
by default.

You need to have java enabled.  The web based interface essentially just
loads up a java VNC client as far as I recall.... although it has been quite
some time since I used it.  Who needs it when you have cygwin and XFree86
[1] and all your machines are on a LAN ?


[1] Or one of the nice commercial win32 X servers.  I am particularly fond
of eXcursion.

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