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Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Sun May 26 07:38:02 EDT 2002

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There is a couple of ways to do this using ssh.....
1. Chain[1] some port forwarding ssh sessions between the machines like this
    (Port 6002 picked randomly... sortof)
    host1> ssh user at host2 -R 6002:
    host2> ssh user at host3 -R 6002:
    host3> ssh user at host4 -R 6002:
    host4> export DISPLAY=
    host4> someXprogram

2. Cascade[1] ssh session from one machine to the next in such a way that
you can create a new session from you rlocal host to the next one in the
sequence, then use the final one to do X forwarding like so
    host1> ssh user at host2 -L 1200:host3:22
    host1> ssh user at -p 1200 -L 1201:host4:22
    host1> ssh user at -p 1201 -X

The first one is pretty straight forward (I think) and requires only a
single shell on host 1, the second one is a little more complicated and
requires 3 shells on host1 (actually, I think it can be done with just 1 but
I'm not quite sure about that).
The first command in the second method establishes a tunnel from host1 port
1200 to host3 port 22, which then allows you to establish a second similar
tunnel from host1 to host4 whcih then allows you to create an ssh session
directly (in an indirect kinda way) with host 4 and enable X forwarding.

I have done very similar things myself but normally only via one proxy.
There are, of course, other options... VNC is one as someone suggested
however this would require a very similar setup to provide a tunnel between
host4 and host1.  Another possibilty would be one of the VPN packages


[1] For want of better terms

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