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Raymond Smith zzrasmit at uqconnect.net
Tue May 14 20:40:23 EDT 2002

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Ben Fowler has covered most of the pertient points.

On Tue, 14 May 2002, Matthew Taylor wrote:
> - comments on Apache/Tomcat cf JBoss cf J2EE platform of your choice?

Well Tomcat is a servlet/JSP engine not a complete J2EE platform. I have
heard good things regarding JBoss as a development platform although you
should be aware that it is not J2EE certified -- this may be a problem if
your customer requires J2EE certification.

As far as 'other J2EE' platforms go choices I am aware of include:
- BEA WebLogic (market leader, very expensive -- Oracle of J2EE)
- IBM WebSphere (based on Apache work, not too bad by all accounts)
- Borland Enterprise Server (good integration with all of Borland's tools)
- IONA iPortal Suite (very standards oriented, cheapest commercial server)

Borland's and IONA's offerings both have decent CORBA ORBs which may be a
consideration if you are dealing with a legacy environment. BEA's has
tight integration with Tuxedo (a distributed transaction manager) which
makes it a no-brainer in many environments.

> [1] apologies to the non java people on this list.

Why? Although dsig may well have been a better forum...

> [2] I'd come to really like the templating style used in webmacro, just
> noticed the 'struts' framework, anybody here using that?

No -- what is that about?


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