[H-GEN] installing Apache & TomCat

Matthew Taylor bmatthewtaylor at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 15 01:55:23 EDT 2002

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Raymond Smith wrote:

>>[2] I'd come to really like the templating style used in webmacro, just
>>noticed the 'struts' framework, anybody here using that?
>No -- what is that about?
struts is not J2EE > "a framework for servlets/beans/JSP".

I only noticed it after prodding a potential employer on what they were 
using... havn't even tried installing it yet.

is there interest in a mini dsig or 'workshop' on this topic (J2EE, JSP, 
JavaBeans, templating systems) next humbug? I'm feeling generous and 
might put on a pizza to lure the more knowledgeable into imparting their 
knowledge. [at a slow enough rate for me to absorb it.] I'd be 
interested to compare the best java has to offer with perl or 'other 
language or your choice' at a subsequent session.


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