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Patrick Nichols pat at humbug.org.au
Tue May 14 05:31:16 EDT 2002

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> I'd be running xwin32 and using linux-based gui clients like evolution if
> we could get our x-server running. Once I have more than 5 minutes to sit

I'm assuming that you're using a windows machine, and want to display the
output of applications running on your linux box.

1.  Grab an X server for windows and install it, make sure it is running.
Xwin32 springs to mind (although this is a commercial product)

2.  Grab putty.  The current version supports X forwarding (hint:

3.  Connect to your host of choice using putty with this option enabled.

4.  Run the application from the command line in your ssh session, it will
load up in a local window. (on the windows machine) xeyes, xlogo, and xterm
are some examples of xclients which you may want to test first.

Don't thank me, thank google. [1]

[1] It's amazing how many of these simple problems google solves with only
limited amounts [2] of effort.
[2] Limited by your imagination. [3]
[3] Like others here, I'm beginning to like footnotes.

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