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Sandra Milne silne at optushome.com.au
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At 14:53 14/05/2002 +1000, you wrote:
>You could try using "mutt" with Cygwin.  :-)

I've never had much luck with cygwin. Tried it a few times, but couldn't 
really get things working and I found it took up a lot more space than I 
was willing to allocate just to try and get an X server going in windoze.

>Alternatively, if you like GUIs, and you're up to using non-OS software
>(like Eudora), then I always liked Pegasus.

I did give that a brief try before going back to Eudora. I found it 
difficult to work out and not particularly flexible. On top of that, I 
think it's ugly ;-)

I'd be running xwin32 and using linux-based gui clients like evolution if 
we could get our x-server running. Once I have more than 5 minutes to sit 
down and think (perhaps tonight while the SO is at TAFE) I'll be doing some 
searches on the web to try and nut out exactly what causes the "No Screens 
Found" error. This is particularly important as we have the error on two 
machines now, running different versions of debian (one is unstable, the 
other is testing) and they both are trying to use the same video driver (nv)


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