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Paul Gearon pag at PISoftware.com
Tue May 7 23:45:29 EDT 2002

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On Wed, 8 May 2002, Tony Bilbrough wrote:

> I must say, though, I like the idea of the solid state 'snapgear'  Does
> any one have a ball park cost for a 'home' jobbie?

Well their retail price for the "Lite" unit is about $500.  However, they
are expecting to sell this to commercial establishments, so they *may* be
willing to offer a slightly reduced price for the home enthusiast.  They
are big on Open Source, so supporting people from the local Open Source
group (which is nearly what HUMBUG is) may not be out of the question.

I had an older model of theirs for development purposes, and I loved it so
much I went and bought a SOHO from them.  They seem bulletproof, and well
worth the money.

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