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Wed May 8 03:03:46 EDT 2002

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I have seen and usd one of those little snap-gear things and they are great
However they are rather expensive, a cheaper solution is simply use a linux box

E-smith is red hat based and the mention of ssh 1.2 just makes me cringe
it dosnt matter what distro you use it will still have flaws

Keep your software updated and watch CERT and other similar sites
Another thing i like to do is visit packstorm, w00w00 and hack.co.za
CERT dosn't seem to be as 'quick' to discover things as such sites
They show you what the evil script kiddies are up to so you can watch trends

Most firewalls out their are just an interface for ipchains and iptables
So why not just learn either ipchains or iptables (depending on what kernel you use)
Another note is unless your software/services are regularly updated
Your firewall is totally usless...

dan roe

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