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Tony Bilbrough mtbilbro at bigpond.net.au
Tue May 7 23:11:41 EDT 2002

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G'day all,
I am wondering if E Smith fits this bill. I've not heard any one mention 
it so far
I know there are a few other members  apart from me, running it.
It is almost self installing if you use a modem, and there is a patch if 
you are cable.
The main caveat is that you should use PCI nic' and have a hdd that is 
greater than 1 Gb. That said it only uses 300 Mb once installed. The 
rest of the space is reserved for your server files.
It seems fairlty robust and I have only been forced to reboot once - 
when theTelatra cable
system came back on  in such a way that E Smith did not realise that the 
Bigpond server was indeed 'up' once more.

My version [ESmith 4.1] is based on RH with 2.2 kernal, but I think the 
latest version has 2.4

I will be doing an install at the next Humbug meet [May 25] , if you 
want to have a look at it
On a spare box this time!!!!!
It has an HTML interface as well as a text one. Quite a bit like the 
Webmin one.
Oh, yes, E Smith is free, too

I must say, though, I like the idea of the solid state 'snapgear'  Does 
any one have a ball park cost for a 'home' jobbie?
cheers Tony B

>On 6 May 2002, rodney wrote:
>> Which Firewall is the best , secure and easy for setting ?
>Paul Gearon wrote:
>There have been lots of good suggestions here.  Greg's suggestion of
>removing the cable is the most secure, but it's *not* a filewall.  :-)
>Personally, I've become enamoured of the SnapGear products (formerly a
>part of Lineo).  http://www.snapgear.com

>The best part is that they are solid state.  No fans!  :-)
>Since Snapgear are local (in Wooloongabba) they may be willing to do a
>cheaper price for HUMBUG members, but you'd have to ask the right people,
>and be very nice about it.  :-)

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