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Greg Black gjb at humbug.org.au
Sun May 5 20:43:08 EDT 2002

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hphillips at 4ward.com.au wrote:

| I have downloaded it and the installation instructions are crap.[1]
| [...]
| [1] As are most man pages and instructions for anything to do with *nix.
| They are all written by experienced users for experienced users. Everyone
| else they expect to go to Uni learn how to program and write code, then RTFM.

Note: where I use the word "you" in what follows, I'm talking to
anybody who is reading this, not specifically to the original

If you approach learning to drive a car or fly an aircraft or
play a musical instrument in this way, you'll have exactly the
same problems.  When you don't understand something complex, you
first need to recognise that there will be a learning curve that
has to be endured (or enjoyed).  And you need to find out the
best way to manage that.

Unix man pages are not intended as tutorials and there is just
no point in complaining that they don't serve in that role.
They are references.  And, despite the occasional silly stories
to the contrary, most of them are very good references.

However, all properly installed Unix systems come with bundles
of tutorial documentation which you should discover and read;
technical book shops have dozens of tutorial books on just about
everything that a non-expert Unix user could need to know; and
organisations like Humbug and AUUG have dozens of experienced
and skilled Unix administrators and programmers who can be
called on.  And, on top of all that, there are hundreds of other
useful resources that can be found quite easily and quickly with
a web browser.

As with anything, dropping the angry attitude and settling down
to learn the stuff you don't know with an open mind and a
friendly demeanour is the real key to making progress with these
sometimes difficult learning experiences.


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