[H-GEN] PHProjekt installation

Harry Phillips hphillips at 4ward.com.au
Mon May 6 03:15:20 EDT 2002

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> As with anything, dropping the angry attitude and settling down
> to learn the stuff you don't know with an open mind and a
> friendly demeanour is the real key to making progress with these
> sometimes difficult learning experiences.

Ok, I am sorry about that comment but and I did actually do what
you suggested already.

It popped into my head [1] that the reason things weren't working was
because php wasn't enabled, I thought it was the phprojekt. I typed
in 'enable php apache' into google and found my answer.

My only excuse was that it was late at night and I had been working
on it quite a time and the instructions were so vague. I have learnt
all my linux knowledge from the web and those little APC booklets.

It does get a little frustrating at times but it feels so good when
you do finally work it out and the thing is up and running.

On a side note, who ever said installing linux was hard should think
again, I accidently left a Mandrake 8.1 CD in my PC and my 5½ year
son managed to install most of it. By the time I saw what he was
doing he had wiped out everything and it was installing all the
packages. I am now rebuilding my Windows workstation as I type :(

[1] After I sent the e-mail of course, about 2 minutes after.

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