[H-GEN] problems with accessing mail at bigpond

Greg Black gjb at humbug.org.au
Fri May 3 20:51:25 EDT 2002

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"baz" wrote:

| > This isn't much of a problem report.  What happened?  What did
| > you expect?  What name server were you using?  What question
| > (exactly) did you ask?  What was the exact answer?
| sorry for not being very informative. I've got it working now. I believe the
| problem was having humbug.org
| name servers listed before bigpond's ones in resolv.conf.

I presume that you mean humbug.org.au rather than humbug.org (an
entirely different organisation).  In fact, humbug.org.au has
four name servers:


Of these, the first two are correctly configured not to answer
queries from just anywhere and so won't help you unless you are
on the network(s) they answer for.  The latter two will answer
random queries from anywhere about anything at this time (which
is quite silly) and so they do in fact give correct answers for
mail.bigpond.net -- I expect that somebody will fix this.

The real point here is that it's important that your resolv.conf
file have name servers listed which are supposed to answer your
queries.  If you use DHCP at one location (which will modify
your resolv.conf file), you need to either restore it by hand
later on or ensure that the next location's DHCP server is doing
the right thing.


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