[H-GEN] problems with accessing mail at bigpond

baz hotforce at bigpond.com
Fri May 3 09:45:39 EDT 2002

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From: "Greg Black" <gjb at humbug.org.au>
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Subject: Re: [H-GEN] problems with accessing mail at bigpond

> This isn't much of a problem report.  What happened?  What did
> you expect?  What name server were you using?  What question
> (exactly) did you ask?  What was the exact answer?
> Just FYI, the two bigpond.com name servers both give the
> following data for the A record for mail.bigpond.com:
>     answer: mail.bigpond.com 3600 A
>     answer: mail.bigpond.com 3600 A
> It sounds as though something's wrong with your setup, but
> that's hard to determine when you give so little information.
> Greg

sorry for not being very informative. I've got it working now. I believe the
problem was having humbug.org
name servers listed before bigpond's ones in resolv.conf.
Now I've just got to sort out downloading mail from a 'family account'   ---
which is why I'm still in OE.


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