[H-GEN] P4 vs Athlon

Andrae Muys amuys at bubbles.contal.net.au
Wed May 1 01:16:41 EDT 2002

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On Wed, 1 May 2002, David Jericho wrote:
> I'd love to replace my heatsink and fan combination with a noiseless
> solution, as my machine currently lives in my bedroom.

That's the general problem I'd like to solve.  Simply put, I'm hoping to
relegate my PC to the garage (where it can make as much noise as it
likes) and eliminate every moving part (ie. noise) from an NC in my
room.  I'll probably keep a CD or DVD drive as it only moves when I
presumably want some noise :).

Yes I could (should) probably just use an X-Terminal, but where's the fun
in that!? ;)


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