[H-GEN] P4 vs Athlon

David Jericho david.jericho at bytecomm.com.au
Wed May 1 01:06:02 EDT 2002

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On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 02:16:43PM +1000, Ewan Edwards wrote:
> > Convection cooled disappeared with 486.  Everything has to have a fan
> > these days - even some chips on motherboard other than the CPU.
> What ever happened to the Crusoe processor from Transmeta - wasn't heat one 
> of its claims to fame?

I'm wondering what sort of heatsink design, and case layout would be
used to keep an Athlon or P4 cool, and running at high speed without
the need for a fan (or minimal rpm fan).

There is the obvious problem of so much heat in such a small ærea, but
surely the same problem has been addresses in other devices.

I'd love to replace my heatsink and fan combination with a noiseless
solution, as my machine currently lives in my bedroom.

David Jericho

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