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Arjen Lentz arjen at mysql.com
Wed Jan 30 22:14:03 EST 2002

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Hi Hilton, Michael,

On Sat, 2002-01-26 at 09:03, Hilton Travis wrote:
> Take a gander at www.phpwebhosting.com - they look like exactly what u r
> after.  For US$9.95/month you get (basically) domain name hosting, Linux
> servers on an OC-12 ring in the 'States, 125MB disk space (more upon
> application, as long as it is not pr0n, and you seem to be OK with this 
> :), unmetered traffic, ssh and ftp access, unlimited pop3 mailboxes, and
> on and on.  Worth taking a look, I'd say.

Indeed, that looks like a good one. You can even run some cron jobs!

> > The other thing I've been considering for a while is getting a group of
> > people with similar requirements to me and building a server that can be
> > co-hosted somewhere.  The only price I've gotten so far is a very rough
> > $150/month, depending on data usage.  With about 10 people that would make
> > it quite a reasonable setup.

I'm very interested!
Talk to me at a meeting, the Linux conf, or mail agl at bitbike.com ?

> If people are looking at this, I could possibly get a cheaper price per
> rack unit that generally available - no promises.  Traffic, of course,
> is billable at the standard Australian expensive rates.  I still think
> that phpwebhosting is a REAL value for money alternative.

I'm afraid we might have to look outside Australia for now.

That is, until some bright spark finally starts selling IP bandwidth
instead of megabytes. You know the current billing method actually works
counter-productive for available bandwidth?

First of all, it drives any serious websites out of Australia, they'll
be hosted in the US. Then, if their target group is Australia, you get
incoming traffic (and heaps of it)!

So where's our outgoing traffic? We don't have much, or at least way
less than incoming. That's very inefficient, it means the cost of the
international IP links will be relatively higher since we provide no
added value to the other side. We're mostly user, not provider. No

Charging for bandwidth (for fixed IP connections like hosts and ISPs)
instead (which by the way is how it's done in other countries) means
that everybody knows what they get and what it will cost in any given
month (so you can budget for a fixed amount, not some unknown heavy
Web hosts would be located inside Australia, this would increase
outbound traffic, opening the door to nice peering arrangements, which
in turn would lower our international rates. Et voila, overall cost goes
down too. Acquire yet more bandwidth, sell it on, and we happily grow
into the 21st century ;-)

One really wonders why it hasn't been done yet, it makes commercial
sense (as has been proven elsewhere).


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