[H-GEN] Hosting possibilities

Michael Anthon michael at anthon.net
Fri Jan 25 18:17:02 EST 2002

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> Take a gander at www.phpwebhosting.com - they look like exactly what u r
> after.  For US$9.95/month you get (basically) domain name hosting, Linux
> servers on an OC-12 ring in the 'States, 125MB disk space (more upon
> application, as long as it is not pr0n, and you seem to be OK with this
> :), unmetered traffic, ssh and ftp access, unlimited pop3 mailboxes, and
> on and on.  Worth taking a look, I'd say.
OH YEAH !!  Spot on, this is almost in the "too good to be true" category.
Thanks fro the pointer


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